I do not wish to make this section into a resume. I will however give a little bit of background info because I think if I was reading another blog I would want to have a little background.
     I grew up in a small town atmosphere, but I have also lived in the city.  I have a degree in math from the University of Waterloo, but I make no claims to be anywhere near as smart in math as many of the people I went to school with. For the last 15+ years I have been working in the customer service industry: more specifically the casino industry. I am not a big supporter of the whole social media fad.  While I do have a Facebook account, I have not updated it for years.  I will never sign up for twitter or anything along those lines.  I am not about constantly twittering everything I do (nor do I get those that do).
     With that in mind it took a lot of thought and internal debate to create this blog site. In the end I decided that it could be fun and worth my time. The most appealing reason for me is that my personality dimensions (see LINKS) are strong green and orange.  Simplified that means I am a deep thinker that tries to view things from all sides and is not afraid to challenge social norms.  So even if I am not blogging on a computer,  I am blogging inside my head anyway. Also, being a strong green tends to mean that I like to find some time for myself to think. The other most obvious reason is that if it goes well there could be a income from on site advertising.  
     While I have no expectations on how this site will turn out. It certainly can't hurt to dream a little.  Hopefully the site will pick up steam and make it well worth my time to put out some thoughts.  Some posts will be aimed at making people think for themselves, some will be simpler posts aimed more along the lines of things that annoy me.  I hope that my blogs will have a nice variety of topics that will appeal to a large set of people. I will pretty much argue anything if there is an argument to be made.